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3 Days Uganda Safari Tour - Sipi Falls

 Mbale, Uganda
 02nd Feb - 01st Jul


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Book for this 3  day Sipi falls tour to visit the three sipi waterfalls situated along the foothills of Mountain Elgon in Kapchorwa District. They are Uganda’s most beautiful waterfalls and the prime tourist attraction of Eastern Uganda. They offer an exciting hiking adventure along the base of Mountain Elgon, which includes visiting all the three sipi waterfalls, enjoy the magnificent views of the Mountains and the distant plains of the Karamojong in Karamoja, go through the local communities of the Sabie people, and their coffee farmlands.

When the Sipi falls are hit by the morning sun, they create a mini rainbow which is a sightsee and they are also known to flow with a misty form and they are very vigorous and although there are other small waterfalls in the area, they are not as prominent as the Sipi Falls.

Sipi falls offer breathtaking scenery and it is believed that they were named after a local plant that grows on the banks of the River known as Sep. Our guide will tell all this story of "how the British went to visit the Sipi falls and found a young woman picking the Sep from the banks and when they asked for the name of the falls, the woman thinking they were asking for the name of the plant she happily replied Sep and that is how the Falls came to be known as Sipi Falls."

Sipi falls are known for their cold weather and tourists are advised to carry some heavy clothes to curb the coldness and these cool falls are known to be a healing place by the local people when one dives into the Sipi Falls.

Top Tourist Activities that can be done on your 3 DAY SIPI FALLS TOUR UGANDA ( SIPI FALLS HIKING SAFARI ), 3 Days Uganda Safari Tour - Sipi Falls, 3 Days 2 Nights Hiking Sipi Falls, Hike Uganda Sipi Falls In Three Days, Explore Sipi falls, Things To Do In Sipi waterfalls

There are a good number of activities that can be done at Sipi Falls as listed below:

1. Hiking

Sipi falls offers one of the best hiking routes in the country. It has several hike routes up the Elgon mountain and these hikes take like fifteen minutes and the beauty about the hiking is the cool weather that is around the Sipi Falls and you will take these hikes with an experienced tour guide.

2. Sipi Falls Birding Tour

There are different types of bird species that can be seen when you take a safari to the Sipi Falls and these can be found in the Mountain Elgon National Park and they include the Tecazze sunbird, black collared Apalis, black-shouldered kite, bush shrikes, African Blue Flycatcher, Baglafetcht weaver, Jacksons Francolin, the Lammergeyer and many more other bird species.

3. Sipi Falls Mountain biking

Sipi falls have well-marked routes that can be used for mountain biking. This is mostly done by all those people who love to have a thrill and it is mostly done in the morning and evening and during this ride, you get to see the different birds that can be seen in the Mountain Elgon National park.

4. Sipi Falls Abseiling

As you head for abseiling at the Sipi falls, remember to go with a helmet. Abseiling is a sport of descending the slopes and rocks with a friction device that is attached to one’s harness. The sport is not for the faint-hearted and when it comes to Sipi Falls, the abseiling can be organized at the Cabinet Falls with climbing routes ranging from 10 meters to 35 meters. The Sipi Falls have fifteen sporting climbing sports and this is one of the experiences that you do not want to miss when you visit the Elgon region.

5. Trek on the slopes of the Elgon Mountain

As earlier on said, Sipi Falls is located on the Elgon Mountain and a visit o the place will give you a chance to take a hike up the Mountain where you will be able to view the neighboring towns surrounding the mountain once you are at the Wagagai peak, the beautiful scenery offered from the top, the different cakes that are the Khauka cave and Kapkwai cave located on the Wanale Ridge and these can be used as camping sites and for shelter. And not forgetting the different birds that you will see as you ascend and descend the Elgon Mountain. you should also carry good hiking shoes and clothes which will not let you slide and the perfect time to climb the mountain is during the dry season so that you avoid the slippery routes.

6. Sipi Falls Cultural Tour

You can visit the local people who live around the sipi Falls who are majorly the Bagisu and the sebei and enjoy their local food like the Malewa known as the bamboo shoots and the circumcision days which are used to initiate the boys into adulthood.

7. Sipi Falls Spot fishing

You can enjoy sport fishing in the River and the Sipi Falls. This is much anticipated mostly by those who love fishing. Come and experience the different techniques used in fishing like the fly method and others and you might also be able to catch a few different kinds of fish and it also provides a challenge of the rainbow trout and when you go sport fishing, remember to bring your own fishing equipment.

8. Arabica Coffee Plantations Tour

These are a big attraction to tourists. They are found on the banks of the River and are found in the Bugisu region. This is possible due to the conducive weather and the fertile soils found in the area. you will be able to find out more about the Arabica coffee and how it is harvested, the exporting process, and also help in the sorting and roasting process. To learn more about one of the best coffees in the world, visit a local farmer to take you through the whole process from planting to exporting, and then you will be able to appreciate every cup of coffee you take and all this with just a visit to Sipi Falls.

9. Sipi Falls Nature walks

There are various routes that one can use when it comes to nature walks and these are guided by the different experienced local tour guides. You will be able to walk through the different communities and learn about the different cultures that are carried out by the locals that live around Sipi falls.

10. A visit to the Mountain Elgon National Park

As you are heading to the Sipi Falls, you can visit the Mountain Elgon National Park since they are all found in the same area. You will be able to see the different animals that are found in the area like the Oribi, Duiker, squirrels, elephants, Defassa’s waterbuck, buffalos, blue monkey, spotted hyenas, and many more other wildlife, click here to see a detailed tour to Mountain Elgon 

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Tour Overview


Nov 18- Mar 17



Pickup Location

pickup avaiable from airport, train and also cruise



Car PickUp


Tour Guide



  • Transportation from the meeting to the departure point
  • Expert English- speaking local driver/guide
  • All accommodation while on tour
  • Meals as specified in the itinerary
  • Entrance Charges
  • Activities mentioned in the itinerary


  • International flight (can be arranged if required)
  • Visa and personal Insurance
  • Drinks, tips and gratuities
  • Personal expenses (Laundry, souvenirs, etc.)
  • Any item or activity not mentioned in the tour package


Day 1
  • 08:00 AM

    Depart From Kampala To Sipi Falls
    We drive towards Sipi above Jinja and Mbale looking gradually over Mount Elgon (4300 m). By early afternoon, before we reach Sipi we drive up the mountain road and get a good impression of the plateaus, which is the setting for the three impressive Sipi waterfalls.

    In the afternoon you can relax and have time to enjoy a drink and the view of the sunset at your booked lodge.

    Accommodation Category:
    (Sipi River Lodge - Luxury option)
    (Lacan Lodge - Midrange option)
    (Kapkwai forest Cottages - Budget option)

Day 2
  • 08:00 AM

    Hiking To Water Falls
    After morning breakfast,You will be transferred for guided hike. You can choose between a short or longer route to the water fall through fruit plantations and villages. One water fall is perfect for taking a quick shower and you can even enjoy a cold swim. Another hike for seven hours takes five waterfalls, a cave and most beautiful scenery passing through plenty of villages and fruit and coffee plantations. Whichever hike we choose today will be a beautiful day in paradise Visitors will have coffee making experience in the small village and also lunch here and finally back to your lodge for dinner and overnight.

    Accommodation Category:
    (Sipi River Lodge - Luxury option)
    (Lacan Lodge - Midrange option)
    (Kapkwai forest Cottages - Budget option)

Day 3
  • 08:00 AM

    Drive Back To Kampala
    After breakfast, drive towards Jinja for lunch stop. The journey takes about 4 hours and visit craft shops which are adjacent with nice restaurants.

    After lunch, you will continue with your journey back to Kampala. The guide/driver will drop you at the hotel of your choice.
    NOTE: you can have this sipi tour while on your Uganda Wildlife safari tour or Gorilla trekking safari tour.