The ultimate Holiday safari packages for seniors – Old People, Unfit, and with disabilities. We give a chance to people with disabilities to also enjoy a safari vacation in East Africa regardless of their physical inability. We provide friendly and vibrant personal escorts, nurses, interpreters, and porters for our guests throughout the special needs safaris according to individual needs.

Most of the special needs safaris are purely customized to consider every part of your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to plan and execute your safari successfully.

Highlights of Special Needs Safaris to consider

  • Gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda
  • Chimpanzee tracking and Habituation experience
  • Birding Safaris
  • Game viewing
  • Boat cruises
  • Cultural tours
  • White water rafting
  • And any other short excursions.

Who are the Special Needs Persons?
The special needs persons include; the Physically challenged persons, Hard to talk and hear, the Elderly, very young children, and People living with certain health conditions.

Planning Special Needs Safaris
While planning a safari for people with disabilities or special needs tourists, we consider the individual and unique conditions because different travelers have different needs. We endeavor to carefully select the activities, accommodation, vehicles, and personnel that are friendly to people with disabilities. Our special needs safaris are purely private and customized; this ensures that our pace is to that of our clients and that our guests get the quality attention they deserve.

Everyone human being is entitled to a social right of tourism and travel, the traditional holidays and vacations have been to only the able-bodied and had left a population of over 500 million estimated disabled people in the world without ever taking a holiday or vacation. Traditional holidays have been with limited resources restricted to the able-bodied. Gorilla & East Africa Safaris is one of the first tour firms to conduct special needs safaris we offer; we have assembled teams of various staff that support such safaris.

Special Needs Requirements
We would love to know your particular requirements, whether you require the walker, a cane for walking, a manual wheelchair, or services of a personal caretaker, nurses, for travelers with medical needs during game viewing, boat rides, cultural and birding tours, we will try as much as we can to provide. Bed or bucket baths maybe also being available upon request. For travelers with hearing and talking impairment, we arrange for them a sign language interpreter to escort them during the entire safari, and these can participate in any activity from gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, white water rafting, adventure tours, wildlife safaris, cultural safaris, hiking, boat cruises, game viewing. Gorilla Tracking, Chimpanzee tracking, Chimpanzee habituation, and hiking tours are quite demanding and require that tourists be in good physical health, thus travelers with serious medical conditions may have to refrain or seek medical advice before undertaking such activities. Gorilla tracking for the travelers with walking disabilities, Porters can arrange to carry you on local carriers through the trekking process to the point where the gorillas or chimpanzees are and back to the park headquarters.

As Knowledgeable planners in the field of Tourism, we coordinate accessibility to customized transportation means for persons with disabilities. We interact with service providers or Partners like Uganda Wildlife Authority, the Uganda Safari Company, and other providers in the East African Tourism Fraternity to make all possibilities for a successful and memorable adventure within the various National Parks. We also ensure a selection of hotels and lodges with accessible facilities to the disabled and with attractions that can be explored with minimal stress.

Detailed local knowledge, meticulous planning, and a great team on the ground with proper communication skills are the essential ingredients to ensuring a truly outstanding trip. As specialists, let us take away the logistical pressures and allow you to relax and have a holiday of a lifetime. We will also offer honest feedback on destinations we believe would be unsuitable for persons with disabilities. Every traveler has different requirements and our tailor-made approach to each inquiry means we can create a truly unforgettable experience for you. "Disability is not inability"