The Ultimate Research and Purpose Trips
You would probably have been allocated or made the choice to do your Research in Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, or Africa at large and would need a local knowledgeable partner, assistant to aid you during your research for smooth execution of the process then u look no further than Ultimate wild safaris as it will be at your service with its native guides who will offer you the necessary assistance during your research procedures.

You enjoy travel and at the same time would be glad to create impact in the host destination in any of the fields of your interest for instance nature conservation, Empowerment programs, social innovations, volunteering, donating to mention but a few we look forward to assisting you to attain your travel dream and at the same time assist you allocate your purpose and contribution to were it is most felt. This is a trip to experience real Africa. A mixture of volunteer work, meeting and interacting with local people, and helping disadvantaged communities.

Learn about African culture and history by living it. Later experience the incredible natural beauty of the country by going on safari. Volunteering is an excellent way to not only give back to society but also to learn new things in life and about different cultures. Sharing your knowledge and skills, helping under-privileged people to achieve better, and bringing smiles to people in need and support makes volunteering an intellectually rewarding experience. As an old saying goes “If you give a fish to a poor man, you feed him for one day; teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

This is one of the reasons why we focus more on skill development and learning while planning and organizing our volunteer programs. Besides all the benefits that our programs bring to local people, it also allows volunteers to gain new experience and learn about different cultures. And as our experience shows there is no better way to connect with people than selfless giving and working with them in day-to-day life.

Famous Uganda Volunteering Programs

Rhino Camp Orphanage

Due to poverty, diseases, and other social/political issues, many children are orphaned. Many of these children have been rescued from human trafficking or the life of a young soldier. Volunteers at the orphanage in Uganda are vastly needed to help save these children from a life of abuse. Volunteers will be sent to one of the 10 orphanages we currently work with. You will help these children with dressing for the day, schoolwork, entertaining, and simply loving them. You will give these children what they need most, someone to love them.

Required Skills: 
You do not need any prior experience to volunteer in the Uganda orphanage. We only ask that you have compassion for these abused and abandoned children.

Volunteer Chores: 
As a volunteer in the Uganda orphanage, you will help with schoolwork, tutoring, teaching them about hygiene, playing games, and cooking. You will be very busy, but it will be very rewarding. These children have so little and only want your love and attention.

Medical Volunteer Program in Uganda
Most of the hospitals and clinics in Uganda are in rural areas and are extremely underfunded and understaffed. Able-bodied volunteers are urgently needed. You will help in all different departments. Based on your experience and education, you will be placed where you are needed most. The Uganda medical volunteer experience offers you a wealth of knowledge and experience, especially for a medical student.

Required Skills: 
Our programs are tailored to meet your needs and background. You do not need any skills to volunteer in Uganda, only a desire to help people. We will place you where your knowledge will best be used.

Volunteer Responsibilities: 
Medical volunteers in Uganda will not perform any surgeries or major exams. You will, however, assist the doctors and staff with other tasks such as basic first aid, vital signs, and maintaining patient records. You may also be asked to sit and counsel a patient on health-related topics.

Room/accommodation Arrangements/ Meals / Supervision;
During your volunteer in Uganda experience, our local program coordinator will organize everything for you. You will be placed with a local host family who will welcome you into their home. They will provide you with three meals a day and be happy to teach you all about their customs and culture. Our local staff will be available to you at all times for questions or concerns. Kindly ENQUIRE NOW