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16 Days Ethiopia safari Tours - Grand Tribal Culture

 Addis Ababba, Ethiopia
 12th Feb - 01st Jul


16 Days Ethiopia safari Tours - Grand Tribal Culture

16 Days Ethiopia safari Tours - Grand Tribal Culture|16 Days Ethiopia Tour| 16 Days Ethiopia Cultural Tour|16 DAYS ETHIOPIA GRAND TRIBAL CULTURAL EXPEDITION|16 Days Ethiopia tour to Omo Valley Tribes|Omo Valley Cultural Tour.

The 16 Days Ethiopia safari Tours - Grand Tribal Culture takes to a Country that is composed of about 83 ethnic groups with 200 dialects. Based on the language they speak, they can be divided into Semitic, Cushitic, Nilotic, and Omotic stocks. Most of the tribes of interest are located in the Omo valley residing to the East and west part of the Omo River. This 16 Days Ethiopia safari Tours - Grand Tribal Culture itinerary covers all the tribes that are to the east and west part of the Omo River, like Suram, Mursi, Hamer, Karo, Dasenech, Konso, Agnuak, Nuer, Ari, Benna, Dorze, etc. This itinerary is ideal for those travelers who want to cover all the tribes in the Omo valley deeper than the usual way. The itinerary gets travelers “off the beaten path” with an opportunity to learn about and interact with Ethiopia’s most unique cultural groups and combined a wildlife tour.

16 Days Ethiopia safari Tours - Grand Tribal Culture Itinerary in Summary

Day 1: Addis Ababa and transfer from airport to your booked hotel for relaxation/dinner and finally overnight.

Day 2: Drive to Arba Minch in the morning visit Dorzie village and in the afternoon lake chamo see hippo crocodile and birds.

Day 3: Drive to konso and discover conso village and newyork.

Day 4: Drive from konso to jinka afternoon visit omo research center or omo museum.

Day5: Morning drives to Mursi village to explore the beautiful culture of this community and in the afternoon visit to Ari village.

Day 6: Drive to Turmy on this day if it has a local market we will see or afternoon visit to Hamer village.

Day7: Explore Turmy - Kara tribe that is famous for the painted body.

Day 8: Transfer from Turmy to visit Dassench tribe in the afternoon for bull jump ceremony an experience worth enjoying.

Day 9: Transfer from Turmy to Arebaminch

Day 10: Drive from Arebaminch to Hawassa

Day 11: Morning visit to the fish market and then transfer to bale mountains national park for wildlife.

Day 12: Spend the whole day trekking Dinsho and finally an overnight at Goba.

Day 13: Drive to tuludtimtu and saneti Plato to see the second-highest place in Ethiopia with 4377-meter high.

Day 14: Transfer to wondogent and relaxation at hot spring water to swim in the afternoon.

Day 15: Transfer to abyata shala national park for a game drive and finally an overnight at Langano for relaxation on lake langano view.

Day 16: Afternoon transfer to Addis Ababa for your departure home.


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  • John Hogel

    21st Oct, 2020

    Experience of a Lifetime! My experience with Ultimate Wild Safaris was absolutely first-class from start to finish and is something I will remember and talk about for the rest of my life. I cannot say enough good things about my experience - I would recommend this without hesitation to anyone, and would strongly encourage you - if you are reading these reviews, and thinking about this trip - DO IT!!!!

  • Alexander

    21st Oct, 2020

    Omo Valley Tours 6-day Photography Tour I went for this six-day trip to Omo Valley in Ethiopia. I used Ultimate wild safaris as my tour operator. My guide Musa and colleague were very professional. I felt that I was in safe hands and I really appreciate the fact that they accepted my personality as an introvert and did not ask too personal questions or try to talk all the time as I have experienced before with other drivers/guides during my travels. I felt that they know very well the areas that we visited. Musa English, especially vocabulary is excellent. He had the best English skills of the guides that I met in Ethiopia. they had much attention to detail and always were taking care that I was fine and giving me water. They were very punctual. I can warmly recommend omo valley, it was the best part of my travel in Ethiopia.