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12 Days Kenya wildlife Tour, Amboseli National Park Tour, Solio Game Reserve, Samburu National Reserve, Itumba Exclusive, Masai Mara National Reserve Tour.

 Nairobi, Kenya
 12th Feb - 01st Jul


12 Days Kenya wildlife Tour, Amboseli National Park Tour, Solio Game Reserve, Samburu National Reserve, Itumba Exclusive, Masai Mara National Reserve Tour.

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This 12 Days - Kenya Tour, Amboseli National Park, Solio Rhino National Reserve, Samburu National Reserve, Itumba Exclusive, Maasai Mara National Reserve tour is designed to exceed a passionate photographer's wildest dreams, this multiple location safari not only takes you to some of the top wildlife reserves in Africa, but you will also have an exclusive up-close, on foot elephant encounter, intimate tribal experiences not offered with a regular village visit, private talks from several top researchers during mid-day breaks, luxury accommodations, charter flights, and off-road driving for the ultimate photographic freedom. Only Kenya can offer this life-enriching, over the top, authentic African Safari Experience that will go far beyond the extraordinary photographs captured.

SOLIO GAME RESERVE: Tucked in the valley between the lofty slopes of Mount Kenya and the peaks of the Aberdare Mountains lies the private Solio Game Reserve, which is internationally recognized as the most successful private Rhino Breeding reserve in Kenya.
Besides the world’s largest population of white rhinos and nearly one hundred black rhinos, sightings of up to 40 Rhinos at a time are not uncommon. The wildlife experience is exclusive, with 19,000 acres of conservancy surrounded by 45,000 acres of the ranch. Although our focus will be on the Rhinos, the reserve is inhabited by buffalo, zebra giraffe, Oryx, antelope, lion, cheetah, and leopard.

Filled with large, iconic umbrella acacia trees in a stunning, arid environment, among the rich, red African soil, Samburu National Reserve evokes the traditional vision of “I Dream of Africa.” As the wind blows through the stunning doom palms, one instantly knows they are in a magical place. Roaming through this primal land and unique to this reserve are the mane-less lions, rare and exotic Gravy’s Zebras, red soil–stained red elephants, reticulated giraffes, Oryx, and Somali ostrich.

In the stillness of what seems like an empty land, one might hear the rustle of the brush as a cheetah or leopard makes himself or herself known. In stark contrast to this dry, neutral landscape, wanders the vivid, semi-nomadic colorful Samburu tribe. We will spend a very special evening in the hills with the warriors, an experience you will talk about for years to come.

Known as the wildlife mecca of the world and immortalized by countless wildlife films, the renowned Maasai Mara national reserve needs little introduction, because it is arguably the greatest wildlife reserve on the planet! The vast, open plains are home to a large pride of lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, black rhino, hippos, Maasai giraffes, common zebras, gnu, impala, Thompson’s and grant’s gazelles, topi, hartebeest, black-backed jackals, spotted hyenas and more.

It is the best reserve for the big cats, where the BBC filmed Big Cat Diaries and where they continue to film regularly. This 12 Days - Kenya Tour, Amboseli National Park, Solio game reserve, Samburu National reserve, Itumba Exclusive, Maasai Mara National Reserve safari tour is recommended during the early month of October, at the very end of the great migration season, when the crowds have vanished, and the grasses have been eaten down, which makes spotting and photographing the big cats much easier. Depending on the rains earlier in the year and our luck, we may catch some of the last herds crossing the Mara River as they make their way back to Tanzania.

From the moment you touch down in the Mara, you will see the exotic Maasai warriors throughout the landscape; even serious wildlife photographers are instinctively tempted to reach for their camera. You will have more than a glimpse into this ancient and fascinating world, but also the opportunity to capture compelling images as powerful as your wildlife images.

The Maasai tribe is a huge part of the experience of Africa, one you don’t want to miss. During our stay in the Mara, we will have a visit from Elena Chelsheva of the Mara Muru Cheetah project and the Cheetah forever team

Situated in the remote hills of West Tsavo national park lies Itumba, the very special place where the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust brings the young orphan elephants to be reintroduced to the wild. You will have exclusive access in Itumba, where you will have the rare opportunity to interact with these young elephants on multiple occasions; during their feedings in the morning and afternoon and out in the wild, where the young elephants intermix with the wild elephants, mud bath, and dust.

You can lie down right in front of them and capture incredible images from a perspective that few photographers have. Not only is this an exceptional experience filled with unique photographic opportunities, but funds from our visit go back to the DSWT and KWS for their conservation efforts. At the end of our stay, you can choose the elephant you wish to foster (included in your visit).

Imagine photographing stunning images of the large herds of elephants, zebras, and giraffe as they roam through the dusty plains of Amboseli, with Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop. You will have full access to the national park and access to the private conservancy, where you will enjoy exclusivity and the freedom of off-road driving.

You can drive across the vast dusty plains, next to the herds of elephants, for exceptional and rare photographic opportunities. Of course, you will also track down predators, visit the swamps with a wide variety of African birds, and take advantage of the spectacular fine art landscape known for the dust devils that dance across the Savanna. During your stay at Tortillas Camp, Cynthia Moss or one of her team members will give a private talk about the Elephant Research in Amboseli for the past three decades.

This Expedition is not only an extraordinary opportunity to photograph Africa’s most phenomenal wildlife, including the big 5, with outstanding local drivers/guides, who understand the needs of photographers, but it also offers unique experiences not offered in other safaris. You will have the experience of a lifetime and come home with an amazing, diverse portfolio of exceptional images from just one safari.

12 Days - Kenya Tour, Amboseli National Park, Solio game reserve, Samburu National reserve, Itumba Exclusive, Maasai Mara National Reserve Tour Highlights 
5 dynamic locations to maximize every photographic opportunity in one of the world’s greatest wildlife destinations. 3 Domestic flights
Luxurious accommodations in small, private tented camps Off-road driving in a private concession for ultimate photographic freedom
Intimate on foot elephant encounter Visit two of Kenya’s most decadent and iconic tribes
Visits from 2 of the top wildlife research teams in Kenya The opportunity to create an amazing, diverse portfolio of exceptional images from just one safari.

12 Days - Kenya Tour, Amboseli National Park, Solio game reserve, Samburu National reserve, Itumba Exclusive, Maasai Mara National Reserve Tour Itinerary In Summary

Day 1 - Arrival at Jomo Kenyatta international airport.

Day 2 - Transfer to Solio Game Reserve.

Day 3 & 4 –Solio Game Drive and Transfer to Samburu National Reserve

Day 5 - 8 - Morning game drive and Domestic flight To Maasai Mara National Reserve

Day 9-10-Domestic Flight Transfer to Explore Ithumba

Day 11 - 12 - Explore Amboseli National Park

Day 13 - Departure


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Tour Overview


Nov 18- Mar 17



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pickup avaiable from airport, train and also cruise



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  • Transport
  • Dayrooms Stay.
  • 3 Domestic flights
  • All meals, B=Breakfast, L=Lunch,D=Dinner
  • Village visit with the Maasai and Samburu tribes.
  • All National Parks fees, Game Reserves entrance fees, and taxes
  • Talks from researchers in the Mara and at Amboseli
  • Airport transfers on arrival date and departure date
  • Bottled drinking water 2 in transport vehicles and at the lunch and dinner meals


  • Personal purchases (including shopping, spirits, laundry, internet fees, phone calls, etc)
  • Visa
  • Travel and Medical insurance
  • Accommodations before or after the tour
  • Transportation before the arrival or departure date of the itinerary


Day 1
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 1 - Arrival At Jomo Kenyatta international airport.
    Upon your arrival at the international airport in Nairobi, Kenya, you are met by a member of our ground team and transferred by private vehicle to the Ole Sereni Hotel.

    This is the perfect place to unwind after your long journey. You may enjoy a sundowner on the beautiful deck overlooking Nairobi National Park filled with wildlife, take a swim, or relax in the spa.

    After a good night’s sleep and a scrumptious breakfast, you will be ready to depart on an extraordinary safari.
    Accommodations: Ole Sereni

Day 2
  • 08:00 A.M

    Day 2 - Transfer To Solio Game Reserve.
    Today, you will awaken in a magical new world with the aroma of Kenyan coffee brewing. We will meet at breakfast for a briefing before hopping in our private Land Cruisers and heading to the Solio Game Reserve.

    We will arrive at our luxury-tented camp, nestled between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains, in plenty of time for lunch and to settle in before we head out on our first game drive. Solio Rhino Sanctuary was chosen for its large population of Rhinos due to its tremendous conservation efforts.

    It is normal to see a crash (big group) of white Rhinos, and although the Black Rhino are solitary and territorial, with a population of 100 among 19,000 acres, we have a great chance of seeing this endangered species.
    Accommodations: luxury tents, Rhino Watch Lodge

Day 3
  • 08:00 A.M

    Day 3 & 4 –Solio Game Drive and Transfer To Samburu National Park
    We will spend the morning in the beautiful reserve before continuing to Samburu National Park (approx. 3 hrs.), arriving at our luxurious tented camp, a unique blend of rustic elegance along the Ewaso Nyiro River lined exotic doum palms, in time for a late lunch. The friendly, traditional Samburu tribe staff will greet us and give us a full briefing about the camp and area.

    As the camp name implies, the elephants stroll through camp between the luxury tents. During mid-day, relax in the private plunge pool on the deck of your tent with a cold drink and let the wildlife come to you. In the early afternoon, we will head out to explore this spectacular reserve.

    You will spend the next two days (3 and 4) on safari, driving through this stunning African landscape, seeking what is unique to this reserve, Gravy’s zebras, reticulated giraffes, gerenuk, Oryx, common waterbuck, kudu, the mane-less lions, and the “red” elephants.

    The elephants exhibit a special red color from rolling in the mud of the river and dusting themselves with the rich, red soil, making for extraordinary images in golden light. The leopard sightings have also been incredible here for the past few years. We will also spend an incredible evening on the top of the hills, with the warriors of the Samburu Tribe.

    Originally part of the Maasai tribe when they first came down the Nile River, the Samburu split off when the Maasai continued their journey south to Tanzania. The name Samburu name means the butterfly people; they not only flew off from their original tribe, but they became more colorful in their traditional dress.

    This will be a very special evening, where you will not only create extraordinary images, but have a unique experience that few others will have.
    Accommodations: luxury tents, Elephant Bedroom Camp

Day 5
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 5 - 8 - Morning game drive and Domestic flight To Maasai Mara National Park
    This morning, we will have one last early morning game drive before we board our domestic flight to the renowned Maasai Mara national reserve. We will land at the airstrip in the heart of the crown jewel of Kenya, only five minutes from our camp.

    Our eco-friendly camp lies between multiple overlapping predator territories and is positioned to blend unobtrusively into the surrounding vegetation, with an authentic safari feel of a time when Hemmingway would have been a guest. This safari has been perfectly timed at the tail end of the migration season, when the hordes of tourists have vanished, but we may still have a possibility of some late crossings.

    Over the next 4 days, we will photograph an abundance of wildlife with a focus on the big cats and predators the Mara has become famous for. During mid-day, when the light is hash and the animals are quiet, you will have an optional activity at the lodge. We will also have a special visit from Elaine, the head researcher from the Meru Cheetah project, and from the Cheetah forever team.

    This part of our safari also takes place in the heart of Maasai land. Icons of Kenya, the Maasia warriors, once dominated the plains of East Africa. During our stay, we will visit a Maasai Bomo at sunrise. Soft hues of light will gradually filter over the traditional huts, as the village comes to life, a surreal experience.

    You will have quality time in the village to join the morning activities, such as milking cattle and goats, fire-starting, herding, making coffee, and socializing amongst them, to learn about their ancient ways and recent modernization. In the evening, we will sit around the campfire under the starry African sky and look back on our amazing day in awe.

    After dinner, you will be safely escorted back to your tent with a Maasai warrior. There is no better way to experience Africa than by spending a few nights under canvas, camping in the heart of the wild, listening to the sounds of lions roaring, zebras barking, and hyenas calling as you gently fall asleep.
    Accommodation: Mara Bush Camp

Day 9
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 9 - 10 - Domestic Flight Transfer To Explore Ithumba
    This morning, we will fly by private charter to Ithumba, in East Tsavo. This is where the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust brings the young orphan elephants from Nairobi, when it is time to start reintroducing them to the wild. Over the next two days, you will have one of the most intimate elephant experiences in the world.

    We will join the keepers in the field each day, where the young elephants intermix with the wild elephants and in their stockades for their morning and evening feeding. Each day, a water truck fills the drinking pool and mud bath area. The wild elephants come in first, and soon, the young orphans join them.

    On foot, right amongst them, you can interact with the young orphans, stand next to the wild elephants, and photograph them at their waterhole, while mudding, dusting, and communicating with each other. More than the incredible photographic opportunities is an amazing intimate experience with these gentle giants, rarely offered in an itinerary.

    We can either book the boutique luxury camp and the small classic rustic luxury safari camp. The new camp was built up into the hill, designed perfectly to blend into the environment, and views that stretch for miles. On a clear day, you may even see Mount Kilimanjaro.

    It is decorated in traditional luxurious African décor, boasting grand views, multiple decks, and a beautiful swimming pool. The original, rustic charming safari camp has a two story, open hut style lounge with a small roof terrace, where you can relax in one of the many daybeds or hammocks and enjoy the endless views across the African Savanna.

    You may spot Dik Dik, Lesser Kudus, warthogs, and other little game and birds, which come to the small waterhole! Each camp has 4 large canvas luxury tents with en-suite bathrooms. You will feel like you are the only one in Africa.
    Accommodation: Itumba Hill and Itumba camp

Day 11
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 11 - 12 - Explore Amboseli National Park
    After our early morning visit with the elephants and a scrumptious breakfast, we will head to Amboseli and the private Kitirua Conservancy on the western part of the Amboseli eco system, the greatest density of elephants per square mile in Africa and some of the biggest tuskers in Kenya.

    We will have almost exclusive use of the 30,000-acre area, adjacent to Amboseli National Park, where the quality of the viewing and photography will be exceptional. In this private conservancy, we can drive off the roads, across the vast dry-lake beds, and right next to herds of elephants.

    You can also photograph from outside the vehicles for a unique prospective. Our safari vehicles will be well-stocked with bottled and snacks to allow for a delayed return, as we will have no gate times to adhere to. Not only will we stay in the private reserve, but we will also have full access to Amboseli National Park, a varied habitat with large marshlands and vast open plains that lies at the bottom of Mount Kilimanjaro.

    Although one of our aims will be to capture herds of elephants or giraffes with this majestic backdrop, we will take advantage of all the superb photographic opportunities, lions, antelope, cape buffalo, zebra, hippos, elephants with their calves, and the prolific bird life in this picturesque landscape.

    During our stay, we will have an exclusive visit from Cynthia Moss or her team, discussing their research in Amboseli national park over the past 3 decades. Named after the flat-topped umbrella acacia trees, our Luxury African styled tented camp was exquisitely built with natural materials, complete with thatched roofs, and has one of the finest views of Africa’s highest mountain.

    The cuisine is delicious, with an Italian flare, and fresh vegetables are grown in an organic garden on the grounds of the camp.

Day 13
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 13 - Departure
    We will have one last morning game drive, followed by a hardy breakfast, before boarding our Domestic flight back to Nairobi. Our ground team will transport you to the Ole Sereni, which sits along Nairobi National Park, and you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon around the pool and have lunch/dinner overlooking the park. Dayrooms will be provided, so you may rest and clean up before your flight back home later in the evening.