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4 Days South Sudan Tour - Mundari Cattle Camp Tour

 Juba, South Sudan
 12th Feb - 01st Jul

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The Mundari are a small ethnic group of Nilotic origin, consisting mainly of cattle herders and farmers. The Mundari are known locally for their tribal body and facial markings (scarification) and their interest in traditional fighting. They are also known, especially internationally, for their nomadic cattle camps, widely captured by renowned travel photographers. and this 4 Days South Sudan Tour - Mundari Cattle Camp Tour, 4-Days Mundari Tribal Tour, Mundari, Mundari Tour, Mundari Cattle, Mundari People, Mundari Tours, The Mundari tribes of South Sudan is highly recommended to the traveler that is interested in exploring the beauty of Mundari people with their Cattle camps. For the Mundari, cows represent many of the great values of their daily lives such as love, commitment, tradition, sustenance, food, and stability, Livestock gives status to each Mundari. It is therefore not surprising that every member of the Mundari cattle camp tribe knows every animal perfectly and is cared for even more than a person.

This 4 days South Sudan short tour to Mundari Cattle Camp best suits travelers interested in exploring south Sudan's Mundari cattle camp but limited with time. This is a great opportunity to explore the best of Mundari with scarified tribal people and amazing horned white cattle, a top objective for photographers from all around the World and ultimate wild safaris knows the right places where the biggest cattle camps are found.

Itinerary In Summary of 4-Days Mundari Tribal Tour, Photo Trip to South Sudan, visit a Mundari cattle camp, 4-Days Mundari Cattle Photo Tour, Mundari cattle camp south of Terekeka

Day 1: Arrival in Juba Capital City

Day 2: Transfer to Mundari cattle land.

Day 3 – Exploring Mundari Cattle Camp and Mundari villages

Day 4 - Juba City Tour and Departure.

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January 01 - December 31



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Day 1
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 1: Arrival in JUBA Capital city
    Arrive in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. Ultimate wild safaris guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel. For relaxation and getting ready for the next day encounter to Mundari cattle camp.
    Accommodation: Royal Palace Hotel or similar

Day 2
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 2: Transfer to Mundari cattle land.
    Have breakfast, thereafter ultimate wild safaris driver transfer you to Mundari tribal territory fro your Mundari tour. Reach Mayong village, greet the elders, and lunch (picnic). From Mayong we will reach a cattle camp to admire the Mundari traditional way of life.

    The Mundari have kept alive the Animistic cattle camp culture while the neighboring Dinka have lost most of these traditional ways due to war and conversion to Christianity. Visit small Mundari villages where facial and body scarification are still practiced to this day. Evening dinner in Mayong.

    Accommodation Camping/ Tents

Day 3
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 3: Exploring Mundari villages
    A full day spent with the Mundari, exploring their fascinating culture and customs. Overnight camping. (BLD) Mundari people

    The Mundari live to the north of Juba, centered around the small settlement of Terekeka. Deriving a living from herding and agriculture they live in small villages and follow a largely traditional lifestyle.

    Custom dictates that young men and women are marked with a series of parallel V-shaped scars on their forehead – this tradition is now officially discouraged by the government and is starting to die out but most over the age of around 25 will sport these markings.

    The Mundari are locally famed wrestlers, and on certain days of the week young men from neighboring villages will gather to compete against each other in traditional shows of strength.

    These are quite a spectacle as the men daub themselves with mud and etch patterns into their bodies, each trying to throw and hold the other to the ground. Watching the surrounding crowd is just as interesting as they cheer and sing songs for their respective teams. This is a chance to see a side of Africa that may not exist for much longer.

Day 4
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 3: Juba City Tour and Departure.
    After a final morning with the Mundari, return to Juba-South Sudan Capital for relaxation before embarking on a city tour.

  • Arny

    29th May, 2020

    Karim picked us on-time and supplied more than enough water for the entire trip. we had our first night at Royal palace hotel in Juba and then the following day, we traveled to telekeka for camping in the cattle camps. Karim was an excellent about south sudan tribes mostly the mundari tribe. The entire trip was a pleasure and I highly recommend both Ultimate Wild Safaris and Karim..

  • Lisa

    29th May, 2020

    We recently completed a customized tour of South Sudan -Mundari cattle camp and gorilla tracking in Uganda all arranged by Ultimate Wild Safaris. Our guide, Musa and William, did an amazing job of finding interesting Mundari Cattle camps for us to see, arranging camping gadgets, meals and answering all of our many questions about this tour, as well our gorilla tracking in Uganda was a success. Possibly the most amazing thing was to watch Musa navigate the roads in the bush of South Sudan - he was a true expert in driving up and down sheer on bumpy unimproved mud roads in South Sudan and through the most crowded congested roads in Kampala that I have ever experienced.

  • Mai

    9th Jan, 2020

    Amazing cattle camp encounter